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My Horse and Human Charries... Empty My Horse and Human Charries...

Post  Hunters from PB on Sun Nov 07, 2010 8:18 pm

They're not very detailed because I deleted them by accident and didn't have a back up copy, so I had to rewrite them very quickly.

Please make suggestions on how to improve them!

Full Name; Zachary Alexander Hollen
Called; Zach
Age; 19 years
Gender; Male
Height; 5.11"
Looks; Shaggy brown hair that swoops just above his bright green eyes
Personality; Shy, quiet

Full Name; Tess Ashleigh Ackley
Called; Tess
Age; 16 years
Gender; Female
Looks; Her blonde hair reaches the middle of her back, and her icey blue streak within her side bangs is the perfect compliment to her icey blue eyes.
Height; 5.8"
Personality; Popular, Bratty, Rich, Self-centered

Registered Name; Forget Me Never
Show Name; Ace Of Spades
Barn Name; Emery
Gender; Stallion
Age; 8 years
Height; 16.2hh
Breed; Hanoverian
Colour/Markings; Dappled Grey
Trained In; Show Jumper/Dressage

Registered Name; Star Material
Show Name; Starlight Melody
Barn Name; Melody
Gender; Mare
Age; 7 years
Height; 16hh
Breed; Arabian
Colour/Markings; Dark Bay with 2 white stockings on her back legs
Trained In; Showjumper

Hunters from PB
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