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My PB Charries!! Horses and Humans  Empty My PB Charries!! Horses and Humans

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Dang... these are so long! cyclops
Human Form-
Name: Dana Marei Montevideo
Called: Dana
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Personality: Dana can be quiet around unfamiliar people, yet she has no fear in talking in front of large groups as long as she has authority. If she knows you well enough she is usually the loudest and craziest. She is usually described as the "Loud one, crazy one or dramatic one." because of her stage experience. She is very positive and is thrilled for life and being able to live in it. She is also a jokester and loves tricking people, unless it means hurting them in anyway. She is also a ball of energy, she will have random "energy attacks" as she calls them. She is also very confident. If someone is being mean to someone else (Her friend) then Dana will come over and pour a smoothie on their head. NEVER question her authority, becuase she will get angry. She can get annoyed easily, and she is always calm and never freaks out when something bad happens. She is very confident and not very self cautious. Doesn't care what other people think of her. She likes being the center of attention, but not in a selfish way.
Experience with horses: (1-10) 9.5
Training experience:: (1-10) 8.5 (has been training all her life)
Build: Petite and Athletic. But, more athletic. She isn't skinny enough to be petite, but isn't fully athletic.
Hair: She has very thick (overly thick) naturally curly brunette hair that hangs down to her shoulder blades. It's a bit frizzy, but she doesn't try to do anything to it because she likes it the way it is. It looks like it was curled with a curling iron, but it's not. Somedays is really dark, like almost black, and other days it is a light chestnut brown. Her hair is very different.
Eyes: Bright, emerald green. They have hints of gold, but in the morning they are blue and green (don't comment, thats how my eyes actually are) From far away her eyes always look blue, but up close they are a dark green.
Clothing Style: Depends on her mood. She never dresses girly, either. It's either tomboy, like ripped skinny jeans and converse, but sometimes she wears basketball shorts with a northface and black socks with vans. Not a lot of other people dress like this, but Dana doesn't care what other people think. One day she would be dressed sporty, the next be dressed in a leather jacket, and the next be wearing a hoodie.
Skin Tone: Olive, tans very easily.
Other Hobbies: Acting, track, a bit of soccer and loves lacrosse.
Horses: Prophecy and Ameera
Other: None

Equine Form-
Show Name: The Final Prophecy
Called: Prophecy
Age: 5
Breed: Andalusian/Standardbred
Height: 16.3hh
Build: Broad, but has a lean look to him like a Standardbred. Heavy, but not like a draft. More like a Hanoverien.
Gender: Stallion
Personality: Prophecy has quite a character. He loves to play practical jokes on people, even know he will get in trouble, but he does for the fun of the moment. He is hot-headed and temperamental, although he will listen to Dana, and to her only. But, that doesn't mean he always listens to her. He will refuse to take commands from anyone else. He is very protective of Dana, and will snarl and pin his ears back if he sees anyone touch Dana in anyway, and if he sees anyone hurting her, he will take action. He also loves to cuddle, but only with Dana. He doesn't work very well under pressure. He is like a volcano, to much pressure and he will erupt, although he loves to show off. He is a bit of the jealous type. He also never seems to use up all his energy. He seems to not be able to contain all that energy in the large body, surprisingly. Even though he is Dana's finished horse, sometimes he doesn't seem like it. Dana and Prophecy diffidently have something very special. She has more a bond with Prophecy than any other horse. Or, anything. He is very spunky and is obsessed with having fun. He thinks of Dana as his 'mate'.
Body Color: Light, dapple Palomino
Mane and Tail Color: White
Markings: Blaze
Discipline: Anything really. Prefers Cross Country and Endurance. Likes show jumping, to. Likes to be active.
History: Dana was walking home from school when she saw a yearling being beat with whips and thrown at with rocks. Dana hid behind a bush and called animal cops, and they came and rescued him. After many vet check ups and after they arrested the people, the cops gave Prophecy to Dana, and she had trained him since. They grew up together, and love each other more than anything. The vet and the cops thought no one would ever be able to gain the yearling's trust, and Dana showed them up. They are like the same people/horse. They are one.

Horse Form-
Show Name: Lady Ameera
Called: Ameera
Age: 4
Gender: Mare
Breed: Arabian
Build: Lean
Color: Bay Flea Bitten
Mane/Tail: Creme
Hoof Color: Gray
Eyes: Amber
Personality: Ameera has quite a character. She loves to play practical jokes on people, even know he will get in trouble, but he does for the fun of the moment. She is hot-headed and temperamental. She is very protective of Dana, and will snarl and pin her ears back if she sees anyone touch Dana in anyway, and if she sees anyone hurting her, she will take action. You can tell if she gets excited, and she is always up to coming out of her stall to play. She won't approach anyone but Dana. She teaches Dana how to be a better rider and a better horse person. Made for older, advanced riders.
Discipline: Anything really. Mostly Hunter/Show Jumping and Cross Country. Doesn't mind dressage, either.
History: RP out


Human Form-
Name: Molaina Jacqueline Takaya
Called: Alaina
Build: Small, petite
Skin Tone: Pale
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Personality: Alaina is very quiet and "in the back of the class" kind of girl. Which, she doesn't mind. She is an honor student, and NEVER breaks the rules. She always goes out of the way to do the best, and doesn't usually go with the flow, even though she can be a very free willing girl. But, if you make her mad she WILL show it. She has no problem obviously showing how she feels. You can especially tell if she is annoyed.
Hair: Her hair is light blonde, but has dark brown natural highlights. Her hair is almost to her waist, and his is wavy with ringlets at the bottom. Pretty thin. Sometimes has it pulled back and sometimes straightened.
Eyes: Light brown and light blue
Clothing Style: Usually very vintage and western. She wears floral dresses, or old time dresses. Very vintage and a bit worn out like. She also wears jeans and cowgirl boots with jean jackets. Has a bit of a 70s/Hippie vibe/look to her.

Horse Form-
Show Name: Your My Lucky Charm
Called: Charm
Age: 8
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Belgian/TB
Build: Broad
Color: Chestnut
Mane/Tail: Sorrel
Hoof Color: Black
Eyes: Brown
Personality: Very sweet. His personality is almost exactly like Alaina's.
Discipline: Anything
History: RP out

I know probably none of you guys read all of that, but oh well Suspect
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