The words of a Ninja ((Polo and Inkerz have a Naruto RP^^))

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Post  Polo trapped in an inkpot on Thu Aug 29, 2013 3:14 pm

With Koaru at his side, Tyson sprinted desperately in the direction of the screams, silently pleading with his legs to carry him faster. He could feel Lizzie's chakra slipping away, but he didn't want to believe it. "Hurry!" He shouted to Koaru, as though he was the one holding them back. It was easier than admitting that by a shortcoming of his own, he might not reach his sister in time. Clenching his jaw, he pressed on faster, stumbling clumsily on a sticking up root like some half-trained Genin.
Please don't let me be too late! Please...
A kunai skimmed past his cheek, and though it slit his skin, he didn't even flinch. He was blind to enemy attacks, blind to everything but the overwhelming feeling of Lizzie's chakra fading faster than he could reach her. At last they dashed around a corner, and out of the corner of his eye, Tyson saw Kougu deflect a flying kunai. A group of enemy Shinobi surrounded them, dashing through the trees on either side, but Tyson had eyes for only one man: A tall, thin figure perched in the boughs of a tall fir just before them, with a terribly familiar figure dangling limply from his grasp.
"Lizzie!" Tyson gasped, stumbling breathlessly to a stop. The moment his eyes fell upon her, the faint pulse of her Chakra dissipated completely. With wide eyes, he froze, refusing to believe what he already knew. "Takeru, you bastard!" He spat, "Let her go."
"Oh," He sneered cruelly, his slit-like eyes flashing dangerously as he raised Lizzie like a sack of meat, "With pleasure."
With a dramatic flourish, he opened his fingers, and Lizzie dropped from his grasp, falling limply to the ground. With a gasp, Tyson dashed forward, arms outstretched. As he caught her, he fell to his knees, and in that moment, the rest of the world was shut out entirely.

"Lizzie?" He whispered, his voice shaking with a terror he'd not even known he was capable of feeling. "Lizzie," Her eyes were closed, and as Tyson shook her gently, her head flopped at the end of her neck. "Lizzie, speak to me." His voice quavered, "Please..." He swallowed, blinking back the unfamiliar burning behind his eyes. He could hear his own heartbeat thudding desperately in his ears, but even when he cradled Lizzie's limp body against his cheek, he could not hear her's.
She's gone. He realized, the truth sinking in so heavily that his shoulders started to shake. The chill that set into his stomach was so intense that it twisted his gut, and for a moment, Tyson thought he would hurl.
"Lizzie, please..." He repeated under his breath, clenching his teeth as he clutched her closer to his chest, his fingers crumpling the light blouse on her cold back.
Come back... He pleaded silently, bowing his head to rest his cheek protectively against hers. You're all I have left. I can't go on without you, Lizzie... Please, tell me it's not over... It can't be-
Suddenly, the sound of raucous laughter shattered his state of grieving, and Tyson's head snapped up instantly, eyes flashing hatefully as they fell on Takeru's face.

"You were too late!" The man taunted, grinning victoriously, "What are you gonna do now huh, Tyson? Your whole family's dead." His teeth flashed in the light as he dropped down from the tree, prowling toward Ty like some proud jungle cat. "Don't you see now? There's no point running from me. Every time, I'll track you down. I'll always be here. Until every damn thing you love is gone..."  He stopped, folding his arms smugly as Tyson rose to his feet mere inches from where he stood, "I'm gonna make this real easy for you. Come along with me now, face the consequences for your actions, and nobody else needs to suffer for your crimes. But if you resist, well..." His eyes flicked pointedly to where Koaru stood a short distance away, "Let's just say you'll get locked away with so much damn regret that you'll wish you were never born. What'll it be, champ?" His sharp eyes darted back to Tyson, and he blinked in surprise when he found a pair of flashing red eyes already locked upon him. Lips pulling back, Tyson snarled something under his breath, and Takeru's skin crawled. "What was that?"
"You're f*cking dead!"

Tyson's voice rose to a shout, and as the terrible pressure on his chest worsened, constricting his aching heart, he felt a hot lance of anger shoot through his veins, staining his vision red. He heard his pulse pounding in his ears, and as his fury grew, he felt his consciousness washing away. His eyes flashed blood red, his pupils like slits, and his fingers twitched as his nails stretched into deadly talons, ready to tear flesh from bone. His upper lip pulled back in a snarl, showing a set of deadly, pointed canines, and a beastly growl erupted from the back of his throat. For a long moment Takeru stood frozen, staring anxiously at the twisted transformation. Then he took a step back, and like some wild animal, Tyson launched at him. Flames leaped from his fingers, searing Takeru across the chest, and the other man staggered back from the force, crying out in pain. He launched a desperate kunai, but it just vanished in mid air from the sheer heat issuing from the beast before him. And it was indeed a beast, for any trace of Tyson was now long lost as a fiery coat of chakra enveloped him, already lashing eight angry tails. The Kyuubi threw back its head and roared, opening its great jaws to form a Tailed Beast Bomb. The thick purple chakra churned and dripped like drying blood as the deadly sphere quickly grew.
Peeling himself from the ground, the burned and battered Takeru - clothes shedded and skin ruined by the intensity of the flames issuing from the beast - yelled out a cry for retreat, then spun on his heel and sprinted away as fast as his legs could carry him.
With a roar, the Kyuubi jerked its head forward, and as the Chakra bomb left its flaming jaws, it exploded with incomprehensible power, blowing away every tree within a ten mile radius, and shaking the entire forest with skin-rippling power. Lashing tails struck viciously in every direction, knocking trees down like matchsticks as the beast grew, its fuzzy chakra shell rapidly gaining more form. The creature was on a rampage, nothing but destruction on its feral, empty mind. One great paw stepped forward, and Lizzie's body was crushed beneath the flaming weight, burned to ashes and buried in the ground. All around the Kyuubi, destruction reigned, with fire falling from the sky like Armageddon.
Tails waving wildly, the Kyuubi turned around, locking its hate-filled eyes on the village of Konoha, nestled safely on the edge of the forest. Its eyes narrowed, and its muzzle twitched with a deep-set hatred too powerful to comprehend. The Kyuubi had never forgotten its first imprisoners, and now Konoha would pay the ultimate price. Another furious roar shook the earth, as the rampaging beast set eye on its next target.

((Sorry, that was disappointing. :(Was hoping I'd manage to get some real tear-jerking drama in there, but I think Tyson and I have been apart for too long... And the Disney soundtrack isn't helping... XD "He lives in you, he lives in me, he watches over everything we see..."))
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The words of a Ninja ((Polo and Inkerz have a Naruto RP^^)) - Page 7 Empty Re: The words of a Ninja ((Polo and Inkerz have a Naruto RP^^))

Post  Imperial Ink on Fri Sep 06, 2013 2:07 pm

((SOOO amped for this part of the story!! It's about time that these two leave Konoha and ditch Takeru and Tatsuya. Can we still burn down half the village before they go though? I want them to leave with a dramatic bang Razz))

The sight of Lizzie lying limb in Tyson's arms send Koaru into a utter state of shock. He felt deathly aware of every whisper of wind crawling over his skin, and even as he watched Tyson crouch over the girl's dead corpse, he still couldn’t comprehend the cruel truth. That she was gone, never to laugh or move again.
Koaru felt a lump of emotion form at the back of his throat. The state of distress Tyson had fallen to had him by the heart. It was a painful thing to watch, almost sickening.
For the Leaf Ninja, the sense of death that hung overhead felt all too familiar. It brought unwanted tears to his silver eyes, as well as horrid memories of loved ones passed.

Their enemies didn't falter to the moment as they did. Instead the Sand continued to file in around them with masks of ghostly marble. Even The trees trembled now with their half-hidden presence, and like vultures looming in with ugly heads, They waited watched after their leader.

Koaru dared no move from where he stood. A mixture of anxiety, anger, and down right fear had filled his porcelain being.
He had a terrible feeling about was to come, and sensed a frightening but faintly subtle disturbance in Tyson's chakra. It was as though the frequency of his chakra had changed. It had in fact it had changed so quickly, nearly none of the others seemed sensed it yet.
Clenching his hands into tight fists, Koaru felt tiny droplets of blood began to trickle down from the cuts in his palms. It's coming... It's so subtle. Takeru doesn't even know what he's awoken.
Ignoring the tears  slipping down from his own long lashes, Koaru narrowed in on Takeru alone. The man held a fool's smile in place, a murder's smirk. He's the one who killed her... Snuffed out her life as one would a pretty candle.
Like a tiger with it's arrogant swagger, Takeru approached Tyson. Each threatening step the man took echoed the sound of crunching leaves and decaying dirt.
Koaru still stood a small distance away from the two, but watched on protectively with a Kunai at his fingertips. One false move from Takeru and he would at the man's throat.
Shoulders quivering with restraint, Koaru gritted his teeth and bared ear to Takeru's word after word abuse. A moment or two later, time seemed to slow. And the slurred words rolling out from Takeru's slimy tongue faltered, interrupted by Tyson as he finally threatened.
“Your F*cking Dead!”
Without warning, the Charka that had been boiling beneath the surface lashed out from beneath Tyson's skin. His eyes glazed over, changing from dark brown to feral crimson as the Kyuubi's dark energy enveloped his body.
Within seconds the transformation had become dangerously close complete, giving form to waves of fire-made fur and eight beastly tails.
Horrified by what he saw, Koaru cried out desperately after his lover, “Oh God...NO TYSON! STOP!”
The beast heard nothing, but launched it's first attack towards Takeru, catching it's prey across his chest and searing his clothes with flames akin to the heat of the sun.
Shielding his eyes from the burning glare, Koaru lost sight of Takeru and sensed the enemies around him begin to flee.
On command or not, everyone of the Sand had scattered out of fear for the Kyuubi.
Fearful that Tyson would loose himself further, Koaru darted recklessly forward towards the beast. He had no plan of action. His heart and head were working against each other, the one telling him to run the other telling him to stay and fight for the man he loves.
“That's ENOUGH! TYSON! Stop You'll-”
Koaru had just barely caught the Kyuubi's attention, when suddenly a violent  explosion of  hot flame and burning debris caught him.
He was briefly aware of the fact that he had hit the ground, but after that his world became dark, warped with echoed sounds and blurred vision.
Unwillingly he slipped in and out of consciousness, till finally he managed to hang on a little bit of reality and properly wake. “Ty...Tyson, is that you?”
Mumbling incoherently, Koaru felt soft hands trace gently over his bruised shoulders and head. The cool sensation felt good against the terrible pain throbbing throughout his body.
“Koaru, It's me. What happened here?! Come on, Stay with me. Stay Awake.”
Blinking stupidly like a doe with widened eyes, Koaru looked up upon Tatsuya's familiar features.
His friend’s handsome lips curled into a smile of seer relief. He had clearly been worried. But, why would he be? We were fighting only yesterday weren't we?
Koaru seemed to mumble something breathlessly and touched tenderly at fresh cut on Tatsuya's cheek, “Tatsuya? Why are you bleeding? Wait... what happened!? Where's Tyson?”
His friend's sudden appearance had brought back the cold rush of reality, and once more Koaru found himself scrabbling hastily to his feet. The memory of the Kyuubi's burning gaze still fresh in his mind's eye.
“Easy! Easy! You're in bad shape Koaru. Calm down!”
Tatsuya tried to restrain him, but weak as he was Koaru slipped out of the man's grasp without so much as an effort. Stumbling through the decrepit forest, he soon came upon the path of destruction the Kyuubi had left in it's wake. Tatsuya joined him a moment later.
“He's in Konoha. Isn't he?”
Koaru didn't need Tatsuya's words to affirm this. The sere look in the man's eyes said it all.
“I Must go”, Koaru muttered simply.
Grabbing his friend by the wrist Tatsuya stopped him with a scowl. “He's not the man you know Koaru. He's more monster now than anything else! Half of Konoha is gone and you think that you can stop him alone?!”
Pulling loose from Tatsuya's hold, Koaru turned around. He took a brief look around at the forest. It had been shredded, blown to pieces thanks to the Tailed beast bomb. The land that remained hand been reduced to nothing more than a naked scar stretching out along the earth.
A small sigh escaped Koaru's pretty lips. He needed to be strong, Now wasn't the time to give into fear or pain just yet.
Gazing back towards Konoha with a look of fearless determination, he smiled gently as a mother would. “It's not just about me any more. I have to think about the village and the people their... I can't just leave them Tatsuya. I'd never give up on Tyson either.”
Tatsuya dropped his gaze, he looked less than pleased.
“This is suicide. You know that, don't you?”
“I'll do what ever it takes to get him back.”
“God, you're stubborn. You never used to be like this”
“Must be something Tyson taught me...I guess you could say that I learned from the best”
chuckling fondly at the brief thought of Tyson, Koaru then led the way back towards Konoha. Tatsuya was close to his side, and as a team they sprinted hastily through the forest.

By the time they reached Konoha, flames already rose high towards the sky, reaching up at the dark clouds like the devil's red fingers.
Houses and corpses alike crumbled to ashes beneath the blistering heat, and In all the chaos the Kyuubi reign supreme. It's viscous cries and howls bellowed overhead like a ever incessant siren.
The Leaf Ninja already surrounding the beast had tried in vain to seal it, capture it, stop it in anyway possible. But all their attempts were less than vain.
Koaru wasn't wasting time with all that had already happened, and as he approached his comrades he dove straight into the fight alongside them. He was ready to take command and lead his team were necessary.
Acting quickly and efficiently was his top priority now, especially if he wanted to save Tyson and what remained of Village.
Give me the strength to fight the man I love. Give me the courage to bring him back
Closing in on the Kyuubi, Koaru was relieved to find out that it still only had eight tails. Good, I still have a chance to save you. I can still bring you back Tyson, just hang on. Wait for me
Dancing in and out of the Kyuubi's reach with a warrior's passion and a lover's heart, Koaru fought on pair with the beast, using the only tool capable of keeping such brute strength at bay. Speed.
Hours of heated battle began to wear out the Ninja and his team, and as their strength dwindled, Koaru began to fear that Tyson would never return to him.
Clenching his jaw, he tried hard to think up another solution. What could I used against fire...What can I use to trap such a beast.
A mad, but brilliant idea came to him. Water...and blood
Giving out firm commands where necessary, Koaru took no mercy and even less excuses as he began to formulate a strategy. If I can lure the Kyuubi towards water, We might have a chance. A slim chance, but one never the less
Raising his head, Koaru called out to Tatsuya and his team. He explained their part in his plan, and despite the  remarks and bickering, they soon gave in and had every ninja was on pair with herding the Kyuubi out towards the village border.
Minutes passed into hours at a painfully slow pace, and failing countless times at keeping the Kyuubi on route, they eventually had the beast exactly were Koaru needed it to be.
At the border of the village ran a massive river, the perfect body of water needed.
With the demon fox now so close to the water's edge, Koaru would have no problem with summoning up his Jutsu.
Stepping deep into the gushing water, Koaru approached the Kyuubi head on. Fear could barely some up the feeling he felt in his gut as he gazed up to the hateful eyes the beast he had once called love.
“I love you Ty... Bear the pain a little longer. I swear that I'll bring you home.”
With a Kunai blade dangling between  his fingertips, Koaru slit deeply into the skin of his wrists. The blood poured thickly from his vein's into into the water surrounding him, turning it a vibrant red. A entire river of chakra infused blood soon took form.
Tatsuya and the rest of his team looked horrified by what they saw, but dared not interfere. The Jutsu was a forbidden Kenshinryu Technique, more infamously known as “ Blood River summoner”
His cover as a Ninja Swordsman had been blown, but it was a small price to pay if it meant saving Tyson.
The Kyuubi seemed less than impressed by what it saw, But Koaru set to work on binding it in place. The blood chains were the same draining bonds as he had used previously and they worked well to keep the beast at bay for the time being.
Focusing on the actual task of summoning, Koaru began to give the bloody river substance. It twisted and formed to his command, till finally a massive nine meter dragon with ruby scales and emerad eyes curled up at his side.
The beast was actual dragon, a familiar from Koaru's family and clan. Long had they worshipped and called upon in the beast times of need.
“I need you to bring the Kyuubi to peace old friend. Tell me you can do this...
Koaru stroked the dragon's neck with fond familiarity, before climbing up up onto it's back.
It's coarse voice crackled inside it's scaled throat, and turning to faced off against the Kyuubi, it spoke.
“An Old Nemesis of mine, Bringing it to peace would be my only honour. ”

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