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~`Waking Up To A Tragic Fall Out`~~`T/YA/Supernatural`~ Empty ~`Waking Up To A Tragic Fall Out`~~`T/YA/Supernatural`~

Post  Cheshire-Cheetah on Wed Jul 24, 2013 7:08 pm

This is a futuristic supernatural mutant RPG with humans and character ages ranging from teen to young adults.


2845, War began among the world was once more occurring in World War VI, the war that will later be renamed Atomic Tellurium-Lithium Wars. Unlike any other world war seen, this one will never be simply smoothed out as the history books made past ones seem. Too many differences among people of different countries have arisen to the surface and and compromise was improbable, though not impossible. None seem to, or perhaps wanted to, realize that fact and carried on plans for the irrational war. The world would met it's end quickly, though. Those who didn't pass in lithium laced accelerant fires and explosions, radiation from planted gamma decay Tellurium would surely make do. They weren't far from wrong. Soon after the war started, it ended with the extinction of all life on earth.  So it's thought.

In 3150, Life had begun to restore itself on the face of the planet. The old world is forgotten, as to what it was once was. Life on the surface had changed forever. Everything have conform, animals mutated, plants adapted to a new level beyond recognition. Life there was still harsh, a wasteland despite. All that once was is no more. It was at this time, people were released, allowed to go from underground to the surface as they pleased. The surface was viewed as gorgeous, bright and vivid with exotic, alien life. Deserts and dry canyons flourish vine flowers deadly to the touch that reclaimed the dead trees. Forest grew thick and dark, luminated by beautiful ivys, flowers, and other odd matters of plant life, and bright fungus that grew taller than an average human.  Despite the wastelands' gorgeous look, they were riddle with perils and beast that were even more dangerous.

Radiation levels had dropped to a livable level, though illness still could occur to people who haven't been affected by prior radiation levels if outside after being out after extended amount of time. Little had the people of war had known before they died, scientist built an underground hide away for civilians when tensions ran high before the war, to protect them from the radiation. Infected radiation victims were taken to a different location underground separated from everyone and was tested to see the effects the radiation may have on them, if they manage to survive it. It was soon discovered people that ascended those affect by radiation, their genetics mutated beyond what even the scientist that saved their families could believe. Once reintroduced to the surface, the left over radiation reacted to the mutated genes in their bodies.

And this is when our story begins. 3178. Our world is now called Flyridetta, that land in which we stand on, Gevidlina. Our city is that traffics us between the surface and underground? Wylvyn.  Our lives have changed forever in place where, even with the best technological advances the old world would have ever seen, survival of the fittest prevails. And who knows, maybe that person standing next you, the pretty girl who served you your drinks, even your friend down the beaten path or metal platform maybe one of them. And we don't know if they are those of virtuous hearts or fiendish souls.


By now, I hope we all know that all Ponybox rules apply and including my few that will be applied.
You may join, this is an open RPG, and you may join as many as characters as you like, so long as it's manageable. All levels accepted. When posting you're application, you may use any kind as you so please, so long as it can answer everything I use in mine(I'm just doing basic ones for myself. I feel lazy.). Though extra information is great to have, keep it clean by ridding of unnecessary information. You can play as humans or supernatural/mutant being of your choosing. No God Modling or Power Playing.
Genders can be semi-even to even.
Proper grammar and punctuation. Mistakes are understood, but constant mistakes shows you didn't bother to proof read your work. And no text talk or cute-sy typing. Indicate in some fashion, such as /, (),[], or {}, that you're in OOC instead of just typing, that makes things confusing and use these things here "" to mark when your character is speaking. I know it shouldn't be necessary to put in that last bit, but I had too many RPs where people don't at least quote when their character speaks. Five or more sentences please. No exceptions. No one likes working off one liners.
No posting before someone unless someone has dropped or is considered dropped due to lack of activity. We take turns, and if that means waiting for some in a different timezone/sleeping schedule, then deal with it (By turns I mean if there's three people, post like 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 and so on, we get the idea, yes?). I will decide who is 'dropped' due to lack of activity. If they like to jump back in, or if someone would like to join in later, allow them. There is no too late or you're not invited. If the numbers of the houses end up uneven due to the this, I will fix the problem myself. Romance can be involve with this plot, only as a side plot. No making others feel excluded by going on without everyone or ignoring everyone. If you wanted an RP of two, then you should of ordered an candle dinner with a side of message or email RP instead of invading a public forum RP. No exceptions. If you want to continue on or do more than is allowed on site, now you know where to go in case you didn't.
Obviously not everyone is going to be in everyone's hair, but no lone wolfing it. And no body said you can't have a separate conversation in character with the person three post back if it obviously not misplaced and almost like your character is unexplainably warping there out no where. If someone is in , don't be talking to them from the commons, obviously. If you have any questions applying or putting out a post, please just ask me, I'll answer as soon as I can.
Understand I want this to be a fun, easy-going, and mostly friendly(Characters may be the mildly hostile ones), and my rules are only a precaution for that. I hope everyone enjoys and has fun with RPG.
Post we're all mad here somewhere within the same post as your application, not separate. It's cleaner and will indicate that you have read my rules I've applied.

Application requirements looks something like this...
Age/Apparent Age
Identifiable looks or full Physical Description if image can't be provided.

~`My Characters`~

Ashemalia Rain Sarehflyn
She has the ability to will her drawings to life, sometimes to trap certain things in her sketchbook. Despite her ability, she's still every bit mortal as a human.
She has long, pale blonde ash blonde hair and tanned skin. She has this little butterfly on her right wrist/ hand. Always seen carrying a pencil/pen and drawing pad with her.
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Laelius Cheval Kianvist
Simply a human.
He's easily known for his slate blue eyes and dark hair. He has no tattoos, but his ears are pierce with two simple black studs and a silver cuff on his right side ear.
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