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Post  Cheshire-Cheetah on Thu Jul 25, 2013 4:52 pm

So, Polo, I sent you the message about what the plot is. ^^ Supernatural fun things. Government being evil. Yada yada. I don't know what kind of rating you want this or what gender you wanted to play, so I decided that if the rating goes to questionable, I'll apply it later and I'll put two characters down below and you can decide to play one of your characters, and I'll play what character fits with it, or we can both do two, it's up to you. :3

My Characters
Ashemalia Rain Sarehflyn
She comes from a family of people with psychic and special abilities. She has the ability to will her drawings to life, sometimes to trap certain things in her sketchbook. Despite her ability, she's still every bit mortal as a human.
She has long, pale blonde ash blonde hair and tanned skin. She has this little butterfly on her right wrist/ hand. Always seen carrying a pencil/pen and drawing pad with her.
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Laelius Cheval Kianvist
Half human, half angel. His abilities include summoning swords, soul channeling, healing of others, and flight(With wings sort of obvious.)
He's easily known for his slate blue eyes and dark hair. He has no tattoos, but his ears are pierce with two simple black studs and a silver cuff on his right side ear.
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